Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services

Quadrangle Endoscopy Center is a sophisticated AAAHC accredited and CMS licensed facility dedicated to outpatient endoscopy procedures. The availability of this type of care allows the gastroenterology team at Physicians East to examine almost any part of the digestive tract. Olympus’ state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment, including narrow band imaging (NBI), enhances visibility for the detection of polyps and gastrointestinal abnormalities, while providing the highest quality endoscopic services and the most cost efficient care possible.

In addition to exploratory and diagnostic services, Quadrangle Endoscopy Center can also facilitate the treatment options using an endoscope. Some of these procedures include esophageal dilation (widening of the esophagus), removal of polyps, cauterization of blood vessels to stop bleeding, and PEG replacement.

Explore the different types of endoscopy procedures available at Quadrangle Endoscopy Center, and learn more about our same-day procedures. Some of our diagnostic procedures, such as screening colonoscopies, do not require a referral. Schedule your appointment today through our patient portal or by contacting the gastroenterology department at 252-413-6260.